AXSAI is well known for following standards and compliances. However, we believe that in today’s competitive world, quality can’t be achieved by a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We know that every engagement is unique and hence we work along with our client’s to define the business needs, operational expectations and layout a plan for project roadmap based on requirements. We tailor our processes to meet client’s quality expectations. We create real time benchmarks based on the outcomes of every engagement taking into account the key parameters like reduced timelines, improved functionality, increased productivity, performance, service and value for money.

Investment in Process – To mature and continuously improve our software engineering capabilities
Investment in delivery- Resource skills development through extensive training and certifications
Investment in Knowledge – Membership, training, workshop and forums of industry best practices
Investment in Infrastructure – integrated project management tools, frameworks, processes and technology

Metrics and Governance Mechanisms

AXSAI’s comprehensive metrics and governance mechanisms ensure that quality standards are constantly and consistently maintained.

Governance mechanisms include status reports, team meetings, and reviews. These mechanisms actively incorporate multiple key metrics (including schedule, effort, cost, defects, SLAs, and more) to assess each project via a project dashboard view.

Together, these metrics and governance mechanisms ensure closed-loop monitoring and tracking of projects and ensuring consistent project success.